Classroom Schedule

Classroom Schedule The schedule below shows our activities in a typical week. Times are approximate and some changes may be necessary due to grade level or whole school functions. Please consult this schedule before booking any appointments during the school day.
A days- Music B days- Spanish C days- Gym and Library D days- Art and Spanish
Typical Day

8:45-9:03 Morning procedures

9:05-10:05 Math

10:10-11:00 Science/social studies

11:05-11:50 Unified Arts

11:55-12:25 Morning meeting, cursive, health (C Days 12:10 library)

12:30-1:10 Lunch/recess

1:15-1:30 Read aloud
1:30-2:30 Reading workshop

2:30-2:50 Brain Break

2:55-3:40 Writing workshop
3:40: Planners and pack up